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D.I.Y Vinyl/designer/urban toys

Wow it's been a while since i posted something here.
I really havent had time to do a lot of stuff up until now so anyway here are 2 figures ive made in the past few weeks.
VAMPS and MUCC qee figure behind the cut!Collapse )

Happy Halloween!

New amigurumi monsters up for Halloween:

Jack Sparrow too...Collapse )


Sorry guys for the inactivity of this community ~
I guess we all kinda got busy and forgot about this community. But I suppose there will be new stuff posted right?

I haven't been that creatively active that much but here are some of my recent "works" xD

From old to newCollapse )

Soo, I hope we can keep this community alive and if possible post it around! ^^ we could need more active members and other creative minds with a love for anything Japan related xD

Apr. 10th, 2009

i made some more plushies, the same as my last post, but in different colors. and then i made some new ones and experimented with ribbon flowers. the blythe is there just for added creepiness.

(all animals are made from other people's patterns, from the stuffies kit or book.)

cat, hambone, elephant, penguin, ice cream sandwich, cake, flowerCollapse )

let me know what you think! if you like, you can recommend me inspirational communities or books . . .


Hi, everyone. This is my first post here. I started making amigurumi dolls a couple of months ago, and has been trying my luck at anime characters for a while. I made Radical Edward from Cowboy Bebop and Zero Kiryuu from Vampire Knight. The second one took pretty much time, and still not finished but it turned out much better than I thought ^^

Radical EdwardCollapse )

Zero KiryuuCollapse )

So... What do you think?

I'm working on L from Death Note, and hope it'll be finished by Sunday.

Another figure XD this time Ruki .

this time it's ruki 's turn from the gazette XD.
It took me quite some time to finnish it but im quite happy with the outcome XD
What do you guys think?

anyway here is the pictureCollapse )

the quality of the picture sucks though but oh well didnt have my camera here now.
hmm.. i might start thinking about making some on request for sale. Would anyone be interested?

So how is the Easter theme things going?
I'm working on mine lol hopefully ill finnish on time ( stupid work consiming all my time XD)

Sewing machines

So I was thinking of buying a sewing machine next month or maybe a month later.
The question is; which one?

I have very little experience with sewing machines whatsoever. My aunt can help me with my first few steps if I needed her to. 
I wanted to know which brands are recommended for a noob like me. What features should I look out for? Which kind of sewing machines should I definitely not buy? etc etc.
I was hoping some of you owning a sewing machine could help me out! ^^

Thanks in advance! (and is anyone making stuff for the theme yet? ^^)

[mod post] Easter DIY Theme ^_^