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diy_jp's Journal

DIY_Japan, self made Japan-related items
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A community to show, buy/sell, commision creative works related to the Japanese culture,
This is a community for the ones who make their own Japan-related/inspired stuff.
Feel free to join and post if:
- You want to show off your recent creative works
- You need help with something you're working on or want to ask for tips/tutorials
- You want to request for commissions
- You want to sell your items
- You want to participate in one of our D.I.Y challenges

- Use a clear title when creating a new post.
- When posting, please limit it to 5-10 lines of text or one image before putting the rest under a livejournal cut.
- Be nice and polite, if there's any problem on the community, please contact the moderators.

- If you want to sell or want to buy please make it clear by putting [WTB](-want to buy), [WTS](-want to sell), [WTC](-want to commission) or maybe [WTT]-(want to trade) in your post title.
- Please limit your items to self-made and Japan-related stuff. If you want to sell things, you're not allowed to have a few hand-made things among a whole lot of brand or self-bought items. You are allowed to post one link to other items you're selling when making a [WTS]post.
- Price your items well. If you overprice items that are clearly not made of good quality, we will delete your post without notice.
- Post limit of one per 3 days. This only counts for selling/buying posts though, so you are still allowed to post other stuff in the meanwhile.

Breaking the rules three times will result into a ban.