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this is a commission I just finished ,thought you guys might like it ^_^
(images are clicky)

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Hi~ some new items :D

I figured I should be more active on livejournal and I'm here to show some creations xD

This one is from the anime "Moyashimon", Basically Japan's cartoon version of various bacteria and stuff XD This one is my favorite. A. Oryzae :D It took me 3 evenings but it wasn't really hard to make.

More creations and some for sale! :DCollapse )

Hello everyone~

I'm new to this community so I'd like to kick it off with a big hello to everyone!  :D

I got into crocheting 3 months ago and haven't been able to stop making amigurumi since then.  Here's a sample of one of my most recent works:
Gotta catch 'em all!Collapse )

Amigurumi dragon!

New amigurumi dragon:

[Halloween] Meet Euthanasio XD

Click on the image to see a bigger version of it @ Deviantart!

Anyway meet Mr. Euthanasio. He started celebrating Dia de los muertos already!
It's the latest figure i've created. Again a D.I.Y Qee Toy. For now it's finished. But i might add some extras like a weapon or something someday ^^.

[MOD POST] Reminder: Halloween Challenge!

Hi everyone!

Just a reminder that the challenge is still going on and you have still time to participate!
The challenge will end on the 31st of october!

You can read the whole post about the challenge and the rules etc in this post

Let's all participate and bring some life to this community! lets all show eachother our halloween creations!

[halloween] entry

soo here is my entry for the halloween challenge!^^

You can find a bigger image @ my DeviantArt if anyone wants to see ^_^

[MOD POST] D.I.Y Halloween Challenge!

So, we tried a theme for Easter.  And now we thought we would try another theme again. Maybe a more interesting chanllege than Easter dont you think? So the new challenge theme is: Halloween!
Be creative and make something for this Challenge and participate in the community! You can of course chose whatever material you like.

Entry guidelines:

Theme: Halloween
Style: Your choice, just make something that fits in the Halloween theme. You can use whatever works best for you, plush, clothing, dolls, figures, etc etc etc.

And a few Rules:

1. It must be your own work, so don't steal anything or whatever. Be Creative! 
2. The end day for this challenge will be on Saturday the 31st of October(Halloween of course!). You can post your entries until then. 
3. When posting something for the halloween challenge theme please put [Halloween] in the subject line :)
4. You can enter a max of 3 things for this Challenge.
5. Voting will begin after the 31st.
6. Put the images behind an lj-cut and keep the images to a reasonable size. If you don't know how to use an lj-cut please ask :)
7. Please comment on this post if you want to participate in this challenge.

Voting & Winners:

On the end date we will put all the entries in one post so that everyone can vote for their favourite entry. There will be a 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place + a mod's choice.  We will put all the winner's up in the winner's gallery (which will see it's start after this challenge). The first place winner will be featured in our profile icon for 1 week. (everyone can participate since the winners will be chosen by voting, but the moderators of the community will be excluded of the mod's choice of course)

Well that's it. Of course the main idea of the challenge's is just to have fun and to stimultate yourself into learning more.So please particapate and show us your work and lets bring some life into this community!